Russian National Ballet "Kostroma"

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- Highly professional adaptation of the folk dance genre depicted through a Great history of a Great country and its multinational ethno culture; formation through artistic images with respect to religion, the history of Russia and the Kostroma region
- Promotion of moral guidelines in today's society, promoting the ideals of humanism and patriotism, recreation of programs based on heroic national mythology
- Development of traditional folk art in the form of contemporary choreographic art - creation and improvement of fundamentally new techniques in dance movement; provision of historical authenticity in the dances of the people of the Russian Federation, preservation of traditional (parade) costumes
- Introduction of stage technology to folk dance utilization of latest technological advancement in lighting and sound, contemporary arrangements and original interpretation of folklore source material
- Realization of live performances in the Kostroma region, other regions of Russia and abroad; promotion of national culture and art in the Kostroma region, in Russia and abroad
- Enhancement of the cultural heritage and the heritage of the Kostroma region and Russia as a whole; maintaining a high status Ballet as "an object of national heritage of the Kostroma region"; promoting a positive image of the Kostroma region and Russia during foreign tours
- Comprehensive development and strengthening of the brand "Russian National Ballet "Kostroma", world-wide brand expansion
- Preservation and strengthening of the leading role of the Kostroma region in the field of national choreographic art
- Provision of technical guidance to the regional cultural institutions of the Kostroma region - clubs and collectives of folk art (demonstrations, master classes, open classes, etc.)
- Organization and continuous improvement in collaboration with Governorate Ballet School (College) through an effective education cycle in the field of contemporary choreographic art in the genre of folk dance; formation of personnel management for the Russian National Ballet "Kostroma"
- All-round promotion of social support for ballet dancers and other performers

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