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The 8th season of the Russian National Dance Show «Kostroma» in Moscow came to an end.

The 8th season of the Russian National Dance Show «Kostroma» in Moscow came to an end.

The honored guests of the Russian National Dance Show «Kostroma» included Nadezhda Babkina, People’s Artist of Russia, artists of the “Russkaya Pesnya” team, “Zhivaya Planeta”, “Russkiye Sezony”, «Gzhel», team named after Igor Moiseyev, the artists and the administration of the ballet team of the Academic Company of Song and Dance of the Russian Army named after A. V. Alexandrov, Ludmila Chursina, a People’s Artist of the USSR, and Colin Dunn, an outstanding Irish dancer. 

The high-profile politicians were the Delegation of the Indian Embassy, among them there were Her Excellency Mrs Sumitra Mahagi, the Speaker of the lower chamber of the Indian Parliament, Mr Pankage Saran, the Indian Ambassador in Russia, and Hema Malini, an Indian film actor who starred in “Zita and Gita”, a well-known film in Russia, a dancer, a producer, a director and a politician; a delegation from Chile; participants of the festival “Spasskaya Bashnya”; Makhmud Muratov, the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Uzbekistan; Ignacio Ibanes, the Spanish Ambassador in Russia, and his wife; guests of the Ministry of Defense of Israel; members of royal families from Kuwait and Saudi Arabia; Rodrigo Hose Nieto Maturano, the Chilean Ambassador in Russia, was the guest of the final show of the Russian National Dance Show «Kostroma»“ of the 8th season.     

This season the Ballet continued its tradition of charity and invited tens of children, the fosterlings of the Fund “Mother Teresa’s Sisters” and psychoneurological dispensary, to see the Show.

The Ballet’s artists and administration have  traditions of celebrating the end of the annual summer guest tour with a cake decorated with the Ballet’s logo and symbols, souvenirs, flowers and a comedy documentary called “Ballet Bloopers” made during the 8th season of the Russian National Dance Show «Kostroma».

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