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Russian National Dance Show Kostroma in MOSCOW


DAILY from August 1st to September 14th in the Theatre "Russkaya Pesnya" Russian national ballet Kostroma presents The Russian National Dance Show Kostroma, the programme that reveals the history of Rus and the life of its peoples where the infinite of time and horizons broaden the boundless means of the art of dance! Vital historical milestones, traditions and customs of the multinational Russia expose originality of the hundreds of cultures of the united people of Russia plunging the audience in the times of christening of Rus, tsars Russia and USSR, revealing the life of the people living in the Far North, in the southern steppes, in the mountains of the Caucasus and in the Central Russia.

The Russian National Dance Show Kostroma cleverly and with great prowess unites lyrical sketches with elements of folklore and ancient Russian epic. It uncovers the Russian culture through the nature of its people, social status and national colouring. You can witness the temporal, urban, village, military culture of Russia. The accurately created images of mother, wife, daughter, son, husband and warrior reflect the heritage of the many generations and the unique spirit of the Russian nation.   

50 dancers on stage, masterly technique, outstanding acting, 15 reincarnations, 10 tons of freight, 600 unique costumes, 300 items of props, 8 sets changes this is the fabulous reality of The Russian National Dance Show Kostroma that captivates the audience of all ages and nationalities.

Today the image of the girl in silver the famous ballets brand symbolizing the delicate image of Kostroma filigree art, invites the Muscovites and Moscow guests to take a journey to the depths of Russian culture with its fairy tales, legends and soviet motives!

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