Russian National Ballet "Kostroma"

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Spiritual, physical and cultural
education and training on the basis of
traditional folk culture realized
under: preschool, primary, general,
secondary, higher  
and further education


of the Governorate Ballet School (College)

- Creation of an effective system of education in the field of contemporary choreographic art in the genre of folk dance, in a form and style that are clear and appealing to children and youth of the XXI century;
- Introduction of innovative forms and methods of education, educational, and cultural and extracurricular activities on the basis of traditional folk culture;
- All-round development of the traditional folk art in choreography - with the introduction of a folk elements of classical ballet, improvement of expressive dance movement; improvement in the learning process of students in the dance genre through an emotional language of communication between children and young people of different nationalities, ages and beliefs;
- Creation of a single selection site in the region, supporting gifted children, adolescents and youth in the Kostroma region and other regions within the Russian Federation;
- Creative adaptation of the original old folk dances of various ethnic cultures of Russia to modern conditions, education of the students of the College with respect to the individual cultural traditions, religions and ancestors;
- Organization of College tours and charity concerts in the Kostroma region and other regions of Russia; holding of open classes for a parental and educational experience in the harmonious development of children and cultural workers; participation of the Colleges students in international, national, inter-regional, regional festivals, competitions, parades and folk dance festivities, etc.;
- Professional preparation of talented young staff to ensure the continuity of the unique artistic traditions of the collective - Russian National Ballet "Kostroma"; participation in the formation of personnel management for the ballet;
- College image promotion as the sole secondary educational institution in the North-West region of Russia that turns individuals into professional folk dancers.


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