Russian National Ballet "Kostroma"

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Histrorical Background

Many prompts preceded the idea of creating and actual organization of the Russian National Ballet. It all started when two people with two then different lives but common love for each other and the dancing art met.

The so called make-or-break 90s opened the horizons for many people and promised a comfortable existence in the nearest future. People set up cooperatives and private companies giving them a fashionable foreign name business. Being young and energetic Elena and Yuri Tsarenko longed for an immediate action. The life opened a variety of opportunities but only one of them was destined to bring them closer to their dream: that was the creation of a choreographic group. The dream came true in 1991 when the first in Russia private choreographic team with the name Kostroma came into being.

Kostroma established itself on Russian stage quite smoothly as though destiny hinted at the right direction. They met new people and made partners and friends. The system of cross-charges that used to be popular with small business imposed certain obligations giving momentum for the right vector of development. Young managers felt great responsibility for every step they made before the staff members, artists, audience, partners and the city who believed in them and their cause. Trying hard and making mistakes, they kept on searching for their identity and their distinct style. They experimented and learned new things.

The Russian National Ballet "Kostroma" has been the bearer of the traditional folk culture. They have made more than 1,700 shows during these years full of experiments. The Ballet successfully performed in 20 countries of the world. They have created six dancing programs Volzhskie Zarisovki (the Volga Sketches), Za Sviatuyu Rus! (For the Holy Rus!), "Russkoye Predstavlenie (Russian Show), Zagadochnaya Rus (Mysterious Rus), Zhili-Byli (Once upon a time) and Russian National Dance Show. The premieres of The Russian National dance Show Kostroma were presented in London, Moscow, Paris and Rotterdam. The unique annual tourist project The Russian National Dance Show Kostroma has been taking place in Moscow in Cosmos Hotel since 2005 when Kostroma gives 100 historical shows about the great and mysterious Rus. 

Having received the audiences recognition home and abroad, Elena and Yuri has the right to be proud of their ballet and the professional choreographic educational institution that is the only one of the kind in Kostroma province. They have devoted all their lives to folk dance that is the most elaborate kind of art able to bring up a tolerant, patriotic and esthetic society as well as to convey the light and the kindness of the Russian hear to other people speaking different languages because the ballet is a truly international kind of art.  

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